J. David Moore
Composer and Arranger



"The Distance"

For mixed choir and piano, written for the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota, directed by Garrett Lathe, to be premiered on April 27. The poem is by Eleanor Farjeon, and one of my favorites from my daughter Rosie's first book of poetry. Here's the whole text:

Over the sounding sea,
Off the wandering sea
I smelt the smell of the distance
And longed for another existence.
Smell of pineapple, maize, and myrrh,
Parrot-feather and monkey-fur,
Brown spice,
Blue ice,
Fields of tobacco and tea and rice,
And soundless snows,
And snowy cotton,
Otto of rose
Incense in an ivory palace,
Jungle rivers rich and rotten,
Slumbering valleys,
Smouldering mountains,
Rank morasses
And frozen fountains,
Black molasses and purple wine,
Coral and pearl and tar and brine,
The smell of panther and polar-bear
And leopard-lair
And mermaid-hair
Came from the four-cornered distance,
And I longed for another existence.
~ Eleanor Farjeon

Fresh Ayre now taking credit cards

All orders from Fresh Ayre may now be paid for by credit card through PayPal. I am working on setting up a proper shopping cart, but in the mean time, check the "Credit Card" box on the order form, and I'll send you the proper kind of invoice. (As you probably know, PayPal will include a 2.9% service charge to process credit card orders.) I will let you know when a proper working online credit card service is up and running.

New Titles

I have just released three new pieces with Fresh Ayre, orderable immediately. They are:

Ubi Caritas et Amor - for mixed voices, a cappella. Notes and recording over there to the right. Score.

My Lord, What A Morning - recently premiered by MUSE Women's Choir of Cincinnati. Here is the score.

America the Beautiful - for unison treble choir and piano. The accompaniment is based on Bach's First Prelude in C Major; this is a quieter, less political rendition of the song. Here is the score.

Current Commissions

2014 - Men's Glee Club, University of Michigan. Dr. Eugene Rogers, director

Biography Award-winning composer J. David Moore has had works performed and recorded all over the world, and is especially enamored with the romance of word and melody. He is a member of the Independent Music Publishers Cooperative, and publishes through his company Fresh Ayre Music. He is the founder and music director of The First Readings Project, a professional chamber choir founded to help assist composers in the development of new work. He was tenor section leader with the Dale Warland Singers, founded and directed two professional a cappella groups, taught composition at the St. Paul Conservatory and Valley City State University, and is Director of Music at Nativity Episcopal Church in Burnsville. He loves the work of Andy Goldsworthy, the books of Edward Gorey, and walking in the woods. He lives in Minneapolis with his sweetheart Anna and his daughter Rosey. [Click to hear Rosey's classic hit "I Love Macaroni and Cheese."]

Featured Work

Ubi Caritas et Amor

Twin Cities a cappella ensemble Caritas commissioned this piece as their new theme song. An intimate, cozy setting celebrating the comfortable, everyday blessings of good company.

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