Commissions, Clinics, Lessons


I am available to accept commissions at any time, for forces large or small. Contact me to talk about your vision.


If you are preparing a piece of mine for performance, I would be delighted to join your choir as a clinician or guest conductor. I can provide a composer's perspective of the piece, discuss creative process, and offer performance feedback, conducted in person or over Skype or FaceTime.


A half-day clinic could cover an extended rehearsal period or masterclasses in a variety of topics such as creative process, musical score preparation, self-publishing, conducting, or life as a professional composer.


A multi-day residency could be tailored to fit the interests and needs of your singers or students, and would afford time for more individual instruction. Offerings could include small ensemble coaching, private composition or conducting instruction, and any of the subjects listed above.


I am available to teach composition, arranging, and musical score preparation in person or online. Times and frequency are negotiable.

Pitch me an idea! I'd love to be of service.