I Like You


Sandol Stoddard Warburg

The words for this 2-part round come from a marvelous little book called "I Like You," published in 1965. I gave it to my then-fiancée Anna, who then read a part of it back to me at our wedding. The song was a Valentine's Day present to her in 2017.

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Fresh Ayre Music
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FAM-0098 2-pt round


I Like You (excerpt)

I like you because you are a good person to like.
On the Fourth of July I like you because it's the Fourth of July.
On the Fifth of July I like you, too.
Even if it was the nine hundred and ninety-ninth of July
Even if it was August
Even if it was way down at the bottom of November
Even if it was no place particular in January
I would go on choosing you
You would go on choosing me
Over and over and over again.
I like you because
I like you.