Jingle Bells


James Pierpont

“Jingle Bells” was first published in 1857 by the son of a Unitarian minister from Medford, Massachussetts. There
remains an ongoing feud between the cities of Medford and Savannah, Georgia (where James was living at the time
of publication) concerning where he actually wrote the song; Both Chambers of Commerce have put up plaques
claiming ownership, and still make much of the validity of their claims for tourists. James Pierpont composed a
number of other songs and dance tunes, but nothing he wrote before or after “Jingle Bells” affected his legacy
to any extent.

This arrangement was made for the 2003 “Happy Merry Lyric Contest,” hosted by Minnesota Public Radio. Listeners
were invited to submit new lyrics to three familiar Christmas carols and the winners, chosen on the basis of
cleverness and singability, got to hear their efforts sung by the a cappella group Dare To Breathe on the air.
The lyrics presented here are Mr. Pierpont’s originals.

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