La Aguila


Hernando de Talavera
Commissioned by The Rose Ensemble of St. Paul. Four fragments of a sermon written for Queen Isabella of Spain by her confessor, Hernando de Talavera. It uses the metaphor of the eagle to instruct the new monarch on righteous leadership. The second and third movements include Arabic rhythmic and modal elements to reflect the strong Islamic influence of the time. Arabic instruments called for are the qanun (dulcimer), the riqq (a small tambourine), and the dumbek. These can be replaced with more common instruments if necessary.

Commissioned by: 

The Rose Ensemble



Published by: 

Fresh Ayre Music
Item Voicing Perusal scores/Recordings Price
FAM-0002-01 SATB (div), soli
mvt. 1: FAM-0002-01a TTBB, B solo a cappella

mvt. 2: FAM-0002-01b SATB (div), A solo, gtr, perc.

mvt. 3: FAM-0002-01c SATB (div), A solo, vln, qanun, perc.

mvt. 4: FAM-0002-01d SATB (div), B solo, a cappella