Lion Of the Heart


Rumi; trans. Coleman Barks, Moore

This fierce, swirling piece, inspired by the spirit of Rumi and his dervishes, was written for the 2012 9th and 10th grade Minnesota Honors Choir and is dedicated to my daughter Rosannah Linda. It expresses my fervant hope that her generation and every generation after hers acts in response to the voices of their own hearts, and they live fully in the joy of what they know to be true and beautiful. In so doing, they will inspire all the generations before and after them.

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Fresh Ayre Music
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FAM-0074-01 SATB, piano
FAM-0074-03 TTBB, piano


Lion of the Heart

You, who are born and bring us the mysteries,
the thunder of your voices delights us.
Roar, lion of the heart,
and tear me open!