Te Deum

The hymn known as Te Deum Laudemus, or, more familiarly, the Te Deum, first appeared in Latin in the Rule of
St. Benedict in 540 CE, but had been in existence for some time before that. Its authorship is disputed: there is
a tradition that asserts that it was composed spontaneously by St. Augustine and St. Ambrose at St. Augustine’s
baptism (it is sometimes referred to as the “Ambrosian Hymn”); others that credit its creation to St. Hilary or
St. Niceta of Remesiana. In any event, its potency as an expression of praise and Trinitarian doctrine has inspired its
musical interpretation countless times.

During 1999-2000, I was composer-in-residence for three Minnesota congregations through the American Composers
Forum’s “Faith Partners” program. This piece was written at the request of Kristina Langlois, the organist and
Director of Music at Westwood Lutheran Church in Minnetonka as part of a larger Lutheran Morning Service liturgy.
It was intended for liturgical use, and to have optional parts for any of Westwood’s vast musical resources (organ,
choir, bell choir, wind ensemble, congregation), to be used in any combination, depending on the attendance of the particular morning.

Commissioned by: 

The American Composers Forum

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fresh Ayre Music
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FAM-0034-01 SATB, organ, opt. bells