We Belong To the Earth

“We Belong To the Earth” is modelled after the meditative congregational songs of the community of Taizé in eastern France. Like a Taizé song, this piece is built upon an ostinato, over which verses are sung. The arrangement and order of the various elements of the piece (the vocal entrances of the first ostinato, the second ostinato, the verses, and the optional instruments) should be dictated by the promptings of the spirit of the moment. Keyboard support and the addition of hand percussion can be effective enhancements. �

Commissioned by: 

Angelica Cantanti
Item Voicing Perusal scores/Recordings Price
FAM-0063-01 double SATB choir, soli, opt instr.
FAM-0063-02 double SSAA choir, soli, opt. instr.
FAM-0063-04 2 treble choirs, soli, opt. instr.