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Title Poet/Lyricist Voicing/Instrumentationsort descending
The New Underground Railroad Words and Music by Holly Near SSAA, piano
Nicolia Words and Music by Holly Near SSAA, piano
Perfect Night Words and Music by Holly Near SSAA, piano
Una Boccacino di Vivaldi (A little bite of Vivaldi)
vocables SSATB a cappella
I Know My Time Ain't Long
A combination of two 19th-century spirituals, inspired by the singing of Sweet Honey in the Rock.
trad. Spirituals SSSAAA a cappella
There Are Hundreds Of Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground
A sung meditation on a fragment of a poem by the Persian poet Rumi.
Rumi; trans. Coleman Barks SSSS/TTBB, chime
Crossing the Bar Alfred, Lord Tennyson STBB, A solo, a cappella
Run On For a Long Time traditional American TTB, percussion
Bound for the Promised Land TTBB (div) a cappella
Bebop Hocket
A scatified bebop horn solo for men's voices, broken up between multiple parts.
vocables TTBB a cappella
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
A beautfiul 19th-century American 23rd Psalm
Psalm 23; paraphrased by William Walker TTBB a cappella
Were You There? trad. Spiritual TTBB a cappella
The Star-Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key TTBB a cappella
Deep River
A lush setting of a beloved spiritual for mezzo-soprano soloist and male choir.
trad. Spiritual TTBB, Alto solo
A Drink For Each Song
LOOKING FOR A PREMIERE! – A rolicking Olde Englishe pub song.
anon. English TTBB, B solo
Bound To the Wave Mark Dietrich TTBB, B solo a cappella
Epitaph Henrietta Anne Heathorn TTBB, opt. piano
Icicle Blue Words and Music by Holly Near TTBB, piano
Since Singing Is So Good a Thing...
A 16th-century list of the reasons “why everyone should learn to sing.”
William Byrd, 1588 TTBB, piano
The Grass
Carl Sandburg's bleak ode to WWI and historical amnesia.
Carl Sandburg TTBB, TB soli
America the Beautiful
A setting of the familiar song accompanied by the Bach C Major Prelude.
Francis Scott Key unison, piano